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Insurance coverage is available for every conceivable risk you or your business might face.

You will find here below the main types of policies provided by us and which could be amended to meet your particular needs.

We would be pleased to discuss your specific risks and advise you on the exact types of insurance you should consider purchasing.
Engineering Insurance, Solution, Product
We can offer you different types of insurance in order to cover:
- Damages to the work
- Liability of the engineer and architect
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Expatriates Insurance, Solution, Product
Expatriate insurance consists of the mandatory coverage required by the Ministry of Labor for foreigners working in Lebanon.
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Marine Insurance, Solution, Product
The Marine Cargo policy secures transportation of the goods by Sea, Air and Land depending on the type of Clause chosen (Clause A, B or C)
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Medical Insurance, Solution, Product
We offer you a comprehensive medical cover that caters for your individual and family needs.
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Workmen Insurance, Solution, Product
Workmen Compensation
Workmen Compensation provides cover against accidents to employees during the course of their employment. In addition, your company will comply with its legal requirements.
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Travel Insurance, Solution, Product
In order to provide you with the best protection during your trip abroad, we can offer you travel insurance plans which are managed by the world leaders in travel insurance...
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Property Insurance, Solution, Product
Your assets are exposed to a multitude of risks.
We can provide you a number of solutions that can be put in place to cover different types of assets from those threats.
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Motor Insurance, Solution, Product
There are several motor insurances depending on the vehicle you are driving (car, truck, motorcycle,...), and protection depending on the coverage you wish to have.
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Liability Insurance, Solution, Product
Every person or business needs a Liability insurance that is tailored to its specific risks and requirements.
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Life Insurance, Solution, Product
You always want to do your best to take care of your family. Life is full of uncertaintities and it is important to insure that your family is protected, should something unfortunate happen to you.
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Money Insurance, Solution, Product
Designed to cover your company against pecuniary loss, we can provide you with diffrent types of insurance.
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War Risk Insurance, Solution, Product
War Risk
War Risk makes the most sense for people or entities that are particularly exposed to sudden and violent political upheavals.
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Banking Insurance, Solution, Product
Bankers Blanket Bond insurance provides protection against the direct financial loss sustained as a result of...
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Hull Insurance, Solution, Product
Marine Hull policy provides protection against damage to ships caused by the perils of the sea.
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